Monthly Mosaics ~ July 2010

>> Sunday, July 25, 2010


Weekly Wrap Up - July 16th

>> Friday, July 16, 2010

On the Heart and Mind:

I am hoping the books I ordered will come soon. That way I can get my head wrapped around this coming year before it starts. I am thinking that we will start school a couple of weeks early this August so that way when the things come up ( like a wedding ) then the time that is distracted won’t be lost. Other than that I am in craft mode getting ready for craft fairs this fall.

On the Home-front:

Last week when I went MIA this is the major project I was working on….painting my trim.

Here are some snap shots of the week…

When my brother, sister, and her family came to visit we went on a neat historical field trip to Sandon, B.C. . We visited the ghost town and museum of Sandon.

Nicolas and my sister Lois.

My Nephew Ben

Silver Rush, Train Sequence VIDEO

Sandon British Columbia a real Ghost Town, Gold Rush VIDEO

Then we went to the Sandon Museum

We all wandered around finding sooooo many interesting things.

My BIL Doug

I loved getting to see all the antiques. This pineapple pattern triggered good memories of my grandmother. She use to crochet it quite a bit. I remember ohhhh and awwwing over the huge table clothes she made with this pattern.

I had a lot of fun looking at all the homemaking antiques. I tried to picture how they did ALL they had to do back then. I have to admit as much as I love the simple life I really would miss my KitchenAide and washing machine. [0=

Washing Machine

Cherry pitters and apple peeler

I have used similar contraptions as these. [0=

Living Is Learning:

As we went through the ghost town and museum of Sandon we got to see all kind of things that showed us how people lived in the early days of Sandon, British Columbia. There is sooo much interesting history in this town. There was a lot of history on the silver and gold mining during that time. And they have a great replica of a miners shanty.

Plus we got to see very unusual things that we never dreamed of….

Plus a bit of humorous history too…

Our Family Read Aloud:


Red Wall’s ” The Long Patrol” by Brian Jacques


My Craft Corner:

Works in progress….

In my corner I am finishing up some fingerless gloves and then I can get back to my hexagons. But that will be slow moving because I have started pouring and dipping beeswax candles to sell in the fall craft fairs. My kitchen is now a mini candle factory.

I am knitting hexagons (for a afghan to give to my ds and future daughter in love. I am up to 25 hexagons now.

My Goal: to make a afghan size. If you want to see what they look like go HERE.

In the Kitchen:

As I said before I am in the midst of candle making.

Mother Culture ( for definition go HERE )

.On my nightstand are….


I haven’t had much time for reading but these books are waiting when I have time. But the bible reading I am going to have to schedule a time to make sure it happens.

Reading from the Bible


“ A Biblical Home Education …Building Your Homeschool on the Foundation of God’s Word” by Ruth Beechick.


“The Nature Study Idea Book …Ideas For All Ages…Even Your Highschooler” by …Mary E. Woodis


Simply Charlotte Mason’s “Laying Down The Rails” a Charlotte Mason Habits Handbook and Sue Patricks’s “Workbox System“.


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Picture Thought I am leaving with you…

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