16 Ways to Cut your grocery bill
There are only so few big ways to save money but so many small ways will save you money. Cutting your grocery bill will add up a lot of savings before you know it. Here are 16 ways that will put money in your pocket rather than your mouth.

1-Grow a garden

2-Perservation of Garden Surplus

3-A Price Book ( go here to find out to create one !)

4-Buy In Bulk

5-Eliminate Non Nutritious Foods ( ...such as soda pop, junk food, candy)

6-Eliminate Convienience Foods ( ...the single serving packaging are the money killers)

7-Choosing More Ecconomical Foods (tuna for example or less expensive fruits and vegetables)

8-Buy Generic Brands and Store Brands

9-Buy Marked Down Foods ( look for discount bins. Cans that have a dent or just about to expire but that still can be used in time. Fruits and veggies that need to be processed now are a good savings if you make the time to preserve them . For example freeze, make into sauses, dry in the dehydrator. Dried banana chips are sooooooo good.)

10-Coupons ( I have to admit I don't find as much savings here b/c we make so much from scratch that it doesn't save us that much. But when it is on basics we are happy to use them. )

11-Make Low Meat Or No Meat Meals ( Casseroles and soup/stews and stir frys are a GREAT way to save. Bean dishes are a frugal and yummy way to go to. )

12-Portion Comparison ( for example compare different kinds of meat and get the less pricey one)

13-Free Food ( garden surplus from friends and neighbors, wild fruits, get through bartering,

14-Waste Nothing

15-Eat To Maintain Optimum Weight

16-Eat More Casseroles, Stir Frys, and Soups/Stews

17- Make Food From Scratch ( this is one of the biggest savers)

There are only a few BIG ways to save money but there are TONS of small ways that ALL adds up.

Please go visit these lovely ladies and glean some good tightwad tips.

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