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>> Tuesday, January 11, 2011

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I am working on the first assignment of the Food Storage Challenge at my friend Lori's blog. It is going slowly for me right now being sick with a bad cold and I think we finally finished packaging the seeds up for the seed business. I have to admit I am still in the thinking stage. I am taking mental notes of what we have stored up and what holes need filling. I have had sooooooo much fun looking through all my cookbooks and making a dream menu list of what I would like to make. Then I should probably take it down a notch or two. *grin* It's got me looking at things I have always wanted to try to make and got me thinking about it again. One thing I thought looked too hard to make really didn't look that hard this time round. I want to make cottage cheese. I tried one way once and did not like it because you used vinegar and that was all I could taste when I had made it. But I have a recipe for another way that I thought was too hard but doesn't use vinegar. And I think I will try making it when I am not sick with a bad cold. In some ways it reminds me of making yogurt. If it works out for me I am happy to write a tutorial on it for Friday Farm Girls @ Heart. The only thing I need for it is buttermilk. [0= But other than that I have a bit to go in picking what I want to put on my menu plan and then I need to break it down what I still need.

The part my friend Lori talked about in the instructions really stands out to me is the part about praying. She is so right and we need to stop and pray what steps the Lord wants us to take. It may be harder for some but each small baby step will get us closer and closer to our goal. I do believe the Lord wants us to prepare. Not to leave everything to chance. It is one thing if you cannot do something on your own and you need the Lord's help but it is another thing when we can over time and once again depend on the Lord for each step and leading.

I hope to be writing out on my index cards the next few days of some plans and will post a update on it.

Here is some of what Lori had said in her post....

Always, always, always pray before undertaking any kind of project for your family! Ask God to watch over you. Ask Him to help you make wise decisions. Ask Him to lead you. And, if you are married, ask your husband if it's alright for you to do this.

"Strength and dignity are her clothing, and she smiles at the future. ...She looks well to the ways of her household..." (Proverbs 31:25, 27)

(1) Take a walk through the house and decide where you will keep your stored food. How much space will you need? It depends upon what foods you choose, and what form they come in (normal size packaging vs. bulk, flour vs. wheat berries that you'll grind later, boxes, cans, etc); that said, I have read that a super basic storage would fit under the average twin-size bed.

You'll need either your computer or good old-fashioned paper and pencil, and 29 file cards (or paper cut into roughly card size, I use 4x6"). We will NOT be buying anything for a while yet...we are planning, planning, planning!
  • On a piece of paper, or on your computer, make a list of 7 things your family likes to eat for breakfast, then 7 things your family likes to eat for lunch, then 7 things your family likes to eat for dinner, and finally 7 things your family likes to eat for dessert. Keep in the back of your mind that we're going for food storage, so try to list things that are easy to make and that aren't largely dependent upon fresh produce! (If you're at a loss for what kinds of things to select, or just want some ideas or new recipes, Wendy lists a number of them on her HERE to view the post, and you'll find the meal ideas almost halfway down the page.)
  • Next, you'll need 29 file cards (or file-card-size pieces of paper). Divide these into four piles of 7 cards, with one card leftover (it is your "Bread Card").
  • Take your first set of 7 cards, and at the top of each card write down the name of an *uncomplicated breakfast that you could make for your family and which you could eat once a week for 13 weeks (3 months). You should have 7 cards, each one with a different breakfast name written at the top. They can be similar, like "Oatmeal w/strawberries" and "Oatmeal with cinnamon and raisins," that's fine. If you eat Granola every single morning, then you'll have 7 cards that each have the same "title" at the top: "Granola."

    Take your 2nd set of 7 cards, and at the top of each card, write the name of an *uncomplicated lunch which you could feed your family and which you could eat once a week for 13 weeks (3 months)...7 cards, 7 different lunches.

    Take your 3rd set of 7 cards, and at the top of each card, write the name of an *uncomplicated dinner which you could feed your family and which you could eat once a week for 13 weeks (3 months)...7 cards, 7 different dinners.

    Take your 4th set of 7 cards, and at the top of each card, write the name of an *uncomplicated dessert which you could feed your family and which you could eat once a week for 13 weeks (3 months)...7 cards, 7 different desserts.

    *It is up to you if you feel you're doing this food storage for an emergency where you will assume you have no access to electricity or running water, or if you're doing it assuming an extreme economic hardship like a job-loss, but you'll still have an oven/stove/microwave, etc. You should select your meals accordingly...if you want waffles, you can store the ingredients, NO PROBLEM! But you're assuming you'll be able to plug in your waffle iron, unless you have a cast iron waffle pan and can cook them over an open fire. *grin*
  • Now, for each card you've made, on the left side, make a list of every ingredient you would need to prepare that recipe for your family. Don't leave anything out...include the water needed to boil things like pasta and rice,especially if you want to plan for a scenario where you would not have running water available to you.
  • Next, multiply each ingredient by 13 and list it on the right side of each card (there are 13 weeks in 3 months). Here, for example, is one of my breakfast cards:

You should now have 28 filled-out cards, and 1 blank card, which will be your "Bread Card." Rubber band them all together, or put them in an envelope, and set them aside somewhere safe...we'll come back to these in February!

To find out more please click on the graphic above and go visit my friend Lori.


Illinois Lori January 12, 2011 at 1:54 PM  

Hi Mary! If it makes you feel better, I'm still in thinking/planning stage, also. Most of that is because it took me almost a week to "recover" from Bryan's grad. party adventure, and now I'm doing a "detox" diet for my health and I am feeling crummy and fever-y. (Wishing I was under a palm tree in Miami, it's 80 degrees there, LOL!) I, too, have pulled out some of my favorite yet "basic-type" cookbooks looking for recipes that are not too ingredient-intestive, and that I could perhaps use similar ingredients for multiple meals. I probably need to not get too sidetracked with that at first, and just get the meals selected based on simple ingredients. It's only a starter-storage plan, and we can always grow it over time, right?

Thanks for joining me, and for praying, sweet friend! I hope you are feeling better soon! I should be better in a body was in sad, sorry shape, and now I have to pay the price while the toxins work their way out of my system. Praise the Lord for the miraculous self-healing body!

Love you!

morningstar January 12, 2011 at 5:01 PM  

Yep still in the planning stages here too..even though we have about a three month supply its a mess! It not what i want and I know I can plan meals better. I have been pouring over cookbooks and praying and planning.
Do share your cottage cheese recipe! The vinegar one is the one I have tried and like you did not like it.

Christine January 13, 2011 at 9:13 AM  

Mary, Great thoughts and comments. I need to keep it all in mind as Thomas and I plan out our menus. We came up with a dinner menu, but then LOST IT. So we're working on the breakfasts for now.

Once I have the plan in place, I forge ahead and forget to pray for every step I take...thanks for the reminder to keep this before the Lord.

Love to you,

Illinois Lori January 21, 2011 at 9:50 AM  

Hey FSC Gals...I was FINALLY able to fix the coding issue with the 2011 FSC button.

PLEASE check to make sure your html code is changed so your button will link to my blog instead of an error message! If you need the new code, it is available (in the "grab code" box) at the original post which I'll link you to here:

Thanks, and sorry for the mistake! Who knew how much trouble a back-slash would cause?!


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